Corporate strategies and directions can ensure a company is headed in the right direction. With software that assists in every way, it can provide detailed analysis.

Lighting professionals need information at their fingertips. When you are looking for a stronger strategy and direction, we are able to provide you with electrical estimating software. This will provide you with a lot of the analysis that you need to make within minutes, allowing you to deliver retrofit proposals significantly faster to your clients. Estimating software takes a lot of the guesswork out of doing business. We have developed software and apps that allow you to upload the very basic information into the system. From there, our software makes a lot of the recommendations on enhancements and more. In the competitive world, commercial energy audits are what help one company go green before another one. With our software and your company, you can push forward to have a more driven direction than ever before. Field operators can gather more information with our products. This includes taking photos in the field, recording audio notes and making notes directly on the images. It also allows for files to be emailed for collaboration, giving clients a better strategy in general. You can’t be expected to conduct a lighting audit without the right tools. We provide a variety of tools for you, available at This gives you the opportunity to focus more on your clients and less about the actual audits. Auditing software will provide you with the direction you’ve needed to take your business to the next level. Electrical estimating software is not something all companies have. When you have the software on the phones and tablets of your field employees, you will succeed in the marketplace by offering a superior product.

About ecoInsight ecoInsight is a provider of lighting analysis and audit software that reduces the time it takes to deliver a retrofit proposal to a customer by 30-40%. For more information, please Contacts For ecoInsight Write2Market Public Relations Maria Stephens, 404-419-6677 ext. 102

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