Whatever your opinion is on firearms, many consider it a serious business or hobby. With the countless varieties, all stemming with history, no one can not admit that firearms are extremely interesting to say the least. One of those firearms that tend to peak every one’s interest is the .38 special and the 38 Special ammo. Best known for being used by police departments, and very often seen in movies, this particular firearm had a very interesting beginning.

The .38 special and the 38 Special ammo were both manufactured by the company Smith and Wesson. This particular firearm was actually the standard issue to police officers from about 1920 to 1990. The .38 special actually appeared on the scene much earlier than that though. It replaced the colt revolver back in 1899. The colt was actually being used as a military weapon, but was shown not to have the appropriate power needed to stop certain shields. This was discovered during the Philippine American war. In came the .38 special and the 38 Special ammo. Interestingly enough, the .38 special is actually smaller than .38. The .38 actually refers to the approximate diameter of the case of the firearm when loaded to capacity. This firearm is amazing similar to both the .357 Magnum and the .38 Long Colt which appeared on the scene after the .38 special. The only visible difference is actually the length of each of these particular firearms.

The other differences cannot be seen, but they are extremely monumental. Most importantly, is the fact that the .38 special and the 38 Special ammo have remained extremely popular. Even as other firearms come and go, this has maintained its popularity over 100 years since it was first produced. It is also a quality piece. It is accurate, produces minimum recoil, and is used in a variety of different situations. Self defense, target shooting, hunting, just to name a few. From the looks of things, it will continue in popularity for many years to come. No matter what may be produced in the future, the .38 special will always be known as a quality firearm.

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